Liquorose comfront emanuel/ situationship or relationship?

As some situationships get more serious, others are being diffused.
After a scintillating game of questions, some of the Shine Ya Eye geng went to bed, but a few stayed up to address matters of the heart.

Liquorose and Emmanuel who the Shippers have affectionately named “Emmarose” stayed up and discussed things that happened during the Live Show. Liquorose expressed to Emmanuel that she was not happy about the way he was so political in answering Ebuka questions regarding their involvement together.

She told Emmanuel that he made her feel and look stupid in front of fellow Housemates and the world. It made her wonder what he says about her to others because in his absence she always tells people she likes him and also defends him whenever they say anything bad about him.

Remember when everyone geng’d up on Liquorose when they thought she was a Wildcard? Emmanuel was unfortunately lured into the mob mentality that nearly cost him this Ship.

Liquorose went on to say that she wanted the both of them in the top five, going head-to-head in the competition because she believes she plays better with him by her side and he pushes her to focus on the game, so a split would inevitably throw her off game. Is this a signal that the Housemate is head over heels for Emmanuel?

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