You Have To Be Optimistic and Have Winning Goal-WhiteMoney Advices Queen

In the garden later today, Whitemoney was seen advising Queen on how to go about the game in order to be entertaining and stay longer in the house.

According to him she has to be optimistic and have a winning goal mindset. He also told her that Big brother is a very big show and adding all the pageants and entertainment shows in Africa there is nothing close to big brother Naija.

Whitemoney seems to be very close to Queen lately, we have seen the both of them share his bed on different occasions and also cook together in the kitchen.

Whitemoney claims to understand her more than anyone else in the house, he said they are both Gemini and have similarities in character. On the other hand Queen seem to be more comfortable around him and she does enjoy his company as well.

Do you think Queen might be wanting more from him and do you think Whitemoney might give in? Please share your comment with me in the comment section below.


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