The Ultimate Veto Power game and The 3 housemates in the finals

Biggie decided to switch things up and introduce the ultimate veto power game. The housemates are to gather points and the housemate with the most point wins the game. He explained the rules of the game to the housemates while they were still in the lounge which is very different from the usual way.

The ultimate Veto power holder comes with the benefit of immunity and the ability to choose the head of house for the week. He also said that all the housemates are allowed to play including the last HOH Whitemoney. So each housemate is to go the the arena once they are being called on and after playing game they are to move to the garden.

Saga was the first housemate to start the game, then Queen went afterwards. There was a tie between Cross and Emmanuel. They both had 4 balls in the basket from lane 4 and they had to play a game to break the tie with the other lanes except lane 4. Emmanuel started the game with lane 3 and he got 150 points, while Cross didn’t put his balls in the basket.

Emmanuel won the Ultimate Veto power holder, and chose Liquorose as the head of house, cross as the Deputy head of house. These three housemates have made it to the finals, Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross. The rest of the housemates are up for possible eviction.

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