Eviction Twist: Pere & Angel fake evicted, how fans voted.

Another eviction show is here and Ebuka started the show by asking Pere to leave the house but he wasn’t evicted. This got the housemates and some of the viewers thinking he was evicted.

Then Ebuka mentioned on stage that he was going back into the house to have the first eviction for the night. He went into the house and evicted Queen from the show.

The second housemate to be evicted today was Nini and Saga’s reaction was everything. He wasn’t expecting it. On stage she told Ebuka that what she has with Saga is just friendship and there is nothing more to it.

Saga was the third housemate to be evicted today. On stage he was asked about his relationship with Nini and he responded saying that they are just friends, and he respects Nini’s relationship with her boyfriend.

The fifth housemate to leave the house today was Angel, and this got the housemates worried and wondering what was going on seeing that 4 housemates were left in the house.

Angel and Pere were asked to move to the Whiteroom, where they were expected to play a game to get a spot in the finals. Who ever wins gets a spot in the finals. The game will be played tomorrow.


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