I Am Heavily Pregnant, Battling For My Life, Husband Cheated On Me, Should I Forgive Him?

This is a true life story credit @couplestherapies on IG

I am sending this with a very heavy heart. I got married last year and I am presently 7 months pregnant during my first trimester. My husband wasn’t around because he had to deal with some issues in school so I was all by myself even though both families were around to support me not knowing my husband was living a couples life with one of his side chick.

I got to know very late and I confronted him about it, he first denied of course but with few evidence that I showed him, he later apologized and promised not to go back to the lady. Fast forward to his birthday last year, hubby was trying to show me something on his phone when a message popped in saying he has a delivery from the girl, I flared up immediately I saw the message because I never thought hubby and the girl still had something in common for her to send him a birthday gift, I fought him about it and asked him to reject her gift which he said he would.

However later that day, I got to know that he later accepted the gift and gave it out to his friends, I was so sad when I got to know and couldn’t believe my eyes, cried a lot though he was just apologising asking me to forgive him, little did I know he was going to club to celebrate his birthday with the same girl lol. My husband has brought me a lot of pains that I can’t put everything in words, now what broke the camel’s back was the one that happened of recent.

Hubby told me he was going to Abuja for few days and he would love to celebrate his new year there, at first I was reluctant to agree but I later gave him my approval. He left for Abuja leaving me behind even though I am heavily pregnant just to go and be with the lady, I found out and confronted him about it, he has been begging me since I found out that I should forgive him.

He has sweared with a lot of things just to assure me that he won’t be going back to her, a lot of things got revealed to me since I got to know about him leaving for Abuja just to be with the girl, I got to know that one time hubby told me he was traveling to Akure to get some things down, he actually went there to be with the lady for few days.

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I got to know he told the lady he only got married to me because I was pregnant and forced him into the marriage even tho it is a big lie because hubby and I dated for 4 years before getting married, Have known his people since 2 years into the relationship and they have showed me nothing but love.

I got to know he is planning on setting the lady up with business in Abuja, I got to know he told the lady that he is actually waiting for me to deliver the baby so that they can both travel out of the country for months to enjoy each other, I got to know hubby has been making so many different memories with the lady, the one he is yet to make with me.

I got to know all of the times I was sick and was in the hospital fighting for my life and the life of the baby just not to deliver a premature baby, hubby was enjoying his time with the lady .. now I am in a dilemma, hubby has been begging me profusely and crying since he got back, he has also sent me evidence where he broke up with the lady… now to the house, should I forgive and forgets and give him this last chance or not and also I am planning on starting my business after I deliver, don’t know if I should start up the business or ask hubby to send me and the child to the states for me to begin my life over there and leave him to all his rubbish, he is free to join us if he wishes to.

Ps: husband has shown me nothing but love, he gives me anything I want, I don’t lack a penny when it comes to money, if not that I decided to put one or two together, I wouldn’t have found out about all his bad behaviour about the lady.

What do you think she should do?

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