My Husband Is A thief, He Stole N18 Million Equipment From Work, Should I Report Him?

This is a true life story @couplestherapies on IG

My elder sisters husband gave my husband a job. Her husband is a project engineer. My sister talked to the husband before he gave my husband the job. The contract will last for 4years. They’ve worked together for 4months. I notice my husband steals company equipment and will sell it auction. I kept quiet. My sister complained to me that her husband is in a big mess. That they are looking for one electrical e

quipment worth 18 million. That equipment is very important to the company. With the name my sister called it, I decided to check for the picture on google. Could you believe, I saw that thing in my house. I went straight to where I saw it but it’s no longer there. I confronted my husband and he lied. If that thing is not provided, his company will be black listed.

I don’t know if I should open up to my sister. But the after effect. My husband will be arrested and the relationship between us won’t be cordial again. And I’m very sure my husband will be sacked and hunger go kill my children and I.

What do you thin the lady should do?

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