I Called Off My Marriage Engagement, He Secretly Owns A Company And Lied To Me.

A true life story credit to @couplestherapies on IG

My fiance and I have been on for three good years and I never knew he had a company of his own. He is a salary earner and he works just a block from me.

Our work places are different but we share a car park. As a matter of fact, we met at the car park, but I’m not going into that today. He engaged me one month ago and I found out two weeks after the engagement.

The engagement ring is quite expensive and he threw an expensive engagement party for us. For someone that earns 320k monthly, it was too much, so I asked him, he said his friends supported.

I was not even still comfortable, I told him his friends could have saved their support for the main wedding instead of engagement that isn’t really important, he said baby relax, you deserve all the good things and I will give you that.

I don’t want to be a nag, so I let that slide. I saw some documents and I confronted him, he tried to deny it but from the angles I was attacking him from, he had to give up and tell me the truth.

How do you handle such if your supposed close friend and lover kept some important secret from you? For now I have called off the engagement to have time and think things through.

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