#Big brother titans: “I No Longer Have Feelings For Khosi” – Bbtitans Miracle Apologizes To Yemi (Video)


After their disagreement about his feelings for Khosi, Miracle OP, a BBTitans housemate, has apologized to Yemi Cregx.

Earlier, during the truth or dare game, Miracle and Yemi got into a fight, with the former telling the latter to stop talking about how Khosi made him feel.


Yemi said that he had openly expressed his anger when Miracle called him a coward while he was in the bathroom with his love interest during a man-to-man conversation that followed.

Clarifying his statements that lead to the tension, Miracle apologized and assured the loverboy that he was completely done with Khosi.

He also affirmed that he was not referring to him when he said ‘shut the fcck up’ during the truth or dare game.

Watch the video below …

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