“I Can’t F!ght On National TV Because Of A Small Boy Who Is Same Age With My Little Sister” – BBTitans Olivia Says

Bbtitans, Olivia said that she can’t f!ght on a national television because of a small boy (Thabang).

According to her, Thabang said that she only thought of him when she was drunk or getting tips.

When Olivia confided in her partner bbtitans Juicy Jay, she explained that her decision to stay away from Thabang was motivated by the fact that her colleague Nelisa was already seeing him.


She claimed that bbtitans Nelisa had stated that she is prepared to f!ght anyone who approaches Thabang and that she cannot engage in physical combat on national television because of a small boy who is the same age as her younger sister.

Furthermore she told Juicy Jay how their 3-G gang (Olivia, Yvonne and Jenni O) has been divided because of him.

She noted that bbtitans Jenni O is complaining that Juicy Jay is fl!rting with her while Yvonne is wondering what he wants.

She added that the more reason she didn’t call a meeting is because she doesn’t want to be the subject of the topics and that she has her own problems.

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