Moment BBTitans Yemi And Miracle F!ght During A Truth Or D@re Game After Khosi Was Dared To K!$$ Miracle (Video)

Yesterday night, a truth or Dare Game was played among the bbtitans tans housemate and seemingly didn’t end well between Yemi Cregx and Miracle OP.

During the truth or Dare game that was played last night, bbtitans Khosi was dared to K!ss Miracle which they brush lips but didn’t lock their lips for a good k!ss.

You may know that Miracle has a crush on Khosi, Yemi’s love interest and Yemi revealed how he isn’t okay with seeing Miracle and Khosi together. Recall, Yemi confronted Miracle for interrupting his conversation with Khosi and said it disrespectful for him.

The fight between the two grown old men was after the bbtitans Khosi and Miracle game k1ss which bbtitans Yemi was not obviously okay with after which they got into heated argument.

It’s not known if Miracle was doing it on purpose but he could be seen grinding while the exchange words at each other.

It got to a point the two stood up for a physical combat which their colleagues held them in place and tried calm the situation.

Watch the video below:

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