Big brother titans:”If You Had Been Close To Me, You Will Not Be In This Me$$” – BBTitans Sandra Tells Khosi, Spills Tea On Yemi’s Game

The drama in the Big brother Titans house is getting more interest, the housemates are certainly giving out the content viewers want but Sandra likely want to spill tea on her colleague and friend, Yemi’s game.

It would be recalled that Sandra and Yemi had known each other outside the house and have been best friends before they came into the Big brother Titans house.

Yemi and Khosi have been one of the most talk about in the house and their ship with how Yemi flirt around is probably the reason they got the media attention a lot.

Sandra met Khosi yesterday to disclose to Khosi that if she would have been close to her since the first day she wouldn’t have been in the triangular relationship mess she’s right now.

It’s obvious Sandra knows Yemi too well to help Khosi get Blue Aiva out of their relationship circle but on the other side it’s consider to be a snitch from a old close friend.

While on the conversation, big brother titans Khosi said what she observed about Yemi is he like to be recognize and is probably doing some stuffs to make her feel jealous.

Watch the video below:


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