Big brother titans drama never ends as fans continue to make noise and exhibit toxicity on twitter. The recent topic for drag has to do with Khosi twala and Thabangs relationship that happened in the house and the disappointment about these two not being in talking in terms and even in a relations outside the house.

The big brother titans twitter users are synonymous to toxicity, and this has been the order of the day. The trigger for this recent outburst came from the recent interview Thabang had and the question he answered surrounding Khosi twala.

Let’s have a watch!

The tweet above is from a fan who is trying to compare the relationship that Khosi and Thabang had to that of Sheggz and Bella. In my opinion, i do not agree with that tweet and here are my reasons for that. Sheggz and Bella had a straight forward relationship with no third parties involved but we can not say the same with Khosi twala and Thabang.

To Bella, the relationship wasn’t a game to her and she also did want more with Sheggz outside the house which she constantly showed to us the viewers while she was in the house.

Khosi on the other hand was a chronic player that had played a couple of men in the house before she landed on Thabang. Having it in mind that Thabang is a smart guy and someone that figured Khosi’s game out in the house, i didn’t expect him to take her seriously, i think to him it was all a game. So for someone to say that Khosi and Thabangs relationship would be like that of Sheggz and Bella is a bluff to me and a far fetched fantasy too.

The fact that Thabang answered a question about Khosi that was thrown at him during the already discussed interview resulted in drags and both Khosi’s fans, Thabangs fans and Khobang shippers dragging and misbehaving on twitter. I totally agree with the tweet right above, fans should know their roles, boundaries and job description.


They are constantly overstepping their boundaries and doing too much. To be honest, if it were to be Khosi that was asked the question about Thabang, she would have brushed it off or even reply saying she isn’t interested in him nor any other guy in the house like she always did in the past. I commend Thabang for saying it as it was in the house and not letting the current situation of things (Not being that cordial with Khosi) cloud his response to the Khosi related question he was asked.

The toxicity from these fans all in the name of stanship is alarming i must say, sadly that has become the norms because we see this year in year out with every big brother naija or big brother African show. I think the next season of big brother titans is going to be worse.

Any housemate planning to get into the house will need to brace themselves and be knowledgeable of the toxicity that lies ahead. The most annoying part of this is that, these fans might never meet these housemates, and they are very much in non-existence to the housemates.

How do you fight someone else’s battle for them, when they don’t even have a clue of your existence? Sometimes i did wonder how a human being can be this toxic but joining a particular twitter on bbtitans gave me a better understanding to the situation.

I got to understand that to some people, trolling and calling people names is just trivia and not that deep. They perceive it to being a slight joke that anyone can easily get over soon, not putting into consideration that cyber bulling can result in depression and someone taking their own life. There is a whole lot cyber bulling can do to a human and it can also destroy ones self esteem and mental health.

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