Caremark UK is a popular care home agency that caters to both individuals looking to work in care and individuals looking to receive care. Care home agencies have been in existence in the UK for so many years now, the recent attention on care home agencies is due to the change in the UK immigration policy with regard to care assistant jobs. After UK immigration made it possible for foreign care assistants job seekers to come to the UK to work, this care agency industry started booming with numerous care agencies on the internet, making it hard for you to tell which agency can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Caremark agency has been in this Care business for over 18 years, they started providing care in 2005. The agency was founded by the late Kevin Lewis himself, who had been in care service since 1987, he brought on board his passion and determination to build the Whilst Caremark agency. 

They have over 7,000 customers throughout the UK with which they provide over 110,000 hours of care each week. The focus of this article is to discuss the services Caremark agency has for care assistant job seekers in the UK.


At Caremark, their main focus on recruitment is personality, they claim not to care about your certificate or your experience, if you’re the right person for the work they will recruit and train you. These are the personality traits they look out for in an individual: you are expected to be caring in nature, be patient, have the ability to stay calm under pressure and bring joy and cheer to their customers. Always wearing a smile on your face is Key.


Caremark has made it known to the public that they have several offices across The Nation in the UK and not all the Care marks offices are accepting applications from Overseas. On their website, they listed the offices Across The Nation that are open to receiving applications from overseas applicants, they also noted that applications should be made directly to the offices either by email or telephone. For example, if you are interested in working in Coventry, you should contact the Coventry office and submit your application because Coventry is open to receiving an application from overseas.



Caremark has  115 offices throughout the UK, they offer both full-time and part-time job opportunities.


This is how to find Caremark Uk job opportunities, on their website click on careers, then on job opportunities, you would have a search bar on your screen. On one of the search bars, you would see job roles if you click on the drop-down menu you would see so many job roles such as carer assistant, care manager, clinical leads, and support worker. 

They have up to 14 job roles, then you should click on the job role you are interested in, key in the postcode in a different search bar, and then hit on the search jobs button. 

Be very careful with the website, be sure that you are on the right website because they have a whole lot of agents out there posing to be Caremark agency on the Internet. On their website, they did put out a note letting people know about this and you have to be very careful and make sure you are on the right website. In this article, all the links I have in this article are directing you to the main website, which is their original website.


The Care Assistant job industry in the UK is a booming industry that has created lots of job opportunities for both UK residents and applicants overseas. If you are a Carer or you are interested in being a carer this is an opportunity for you to work in the UK. The Caremark agency clearly stated that they don’t care about your certificate or your past experience, your personality is what they are interested in. So if you think you have the right personality, then go ahead and apply for the job opportunities on their website. While you are at it be careful and make sure to do your due diligence and do proper research.


  1. Hi. i came in england in 2021. My visa is going to be expired on 8th of August. Ive put a request for extension and hopefully will get that. now what im looking for new employer in care sector who could sponsar me. Ive never worked in care sector but the sikh temple site im living in, is full of many activites which belong to old age people and running under Dr.Garcha’s supervision. Im handling all those activites and taking care of old people. That could be litlle diferent than professional care homes but what matters the most is handling the task.

    waiting for positive response.

    Satwant Singh

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