Bree Street explosion: gas explosion Johannesburg

Massive chaos in Joburg CBD after gas explosion hits Bree Street, gas explosion in Johannesburg.

In the early hours of the evening at about 5:30 pm on Wednesday 19th of July 2023, there was a gas explosion that Rocked between Bree Street and Simmond Streets in the city center area of Joburg CBD.

 Eyewitnesses took to social media to share video clips of the aftermath of the explosion, we are yet to see videos of the explosion when it happened. I believe CCTV cameras in that area should have captured the incident while it happened.

As reported by EWN, according to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, it was a gas explosion and no fatalities have been reported so far.

 It is reported that some people were injured and they have been taken care of by the emergency services.

In the video clips making rounds on social media, you would see overturned cars and minibusses, split roads, and chaotic streets.

At the moment Bree Street is closed off to traffic and taxis are been redirected to different streets.

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