Mom Gives Birth, The Baby’s Appearance Baffles Doctors, Her Husband’s Reaction

A Nigerian couple based in the UK gave birth to a baby that looked totally different from them even, the doctors were shocked. I couldn’t even figure out what had gone wrong, they said.

Ben and Angela Ihegboro are originally from Nigeria, were born and bred in Nigeria too, and just moved to the Uk more than 5 years ago. This is not the first child the couple is having, already had two children.

 Angela went to the hospital just like every other expectant mom do, went into the delivery room, and had a baby delivered. When the little pretty girl was delivered the doctors were surprised because of the huge difference in skin color and hair texture.

 Angela’s daughter is white, not only was she white she also has curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The question is how is this even possible when both parents are Nigerians and they have dark hair dark skin and dark eyes?

Her husband believed in her, he said she has never cheated on him before, and that even made the situation more confusing for him. The couple said they can’t remember having white ancestral parents.

The answer to this occurrence is Albinism. Albinism is recessive and for a child to be an albino, both parents need to have the albino gene. One parent’s gene alone can not result in a child being albino because it is not dominant.


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