Last night, a couple of the bbnaija all stars guys came together to restrategize, they were able to acknowledge the strong contenders in the game. They came up with a plan to take them out, and in this gathering, we had Cross, Pere, Ike, and Kid.

Pere was the chief speaker, he started by giving reasons why he was against the people that separated Ceec and Alex during the fight, he said he wanted to see them box themselves and maybe get a strike in the process.

Other guys chipped in, gave one or two pieces of advice, and came up with a huge plan on how to get bbnaija all stars Ceec and Alex to fight again. Read their conversation below.

Kiddwaya – she told me she wants the mercenaries to protect her, that’s why she’s getting close to mercy.
Cross – oh really.
Ike – these girls all look at her as their protective umbrella, dem no know say that umbrella go collapse.
Pere – you guys don’t know why I wanted Alex and Ceec to fight, I wanted them to actually throw blows.
Ike – that’ll definitely happen. You see how they’ve been avoiding each other since.
Pere – it would have happened but they were holding them. I wanted them to fight.
Ike – imagine if they keep yelling and not fight.
Kiddwaya – no they would.
Pere – they were this 🤏🏼 close.
Ike – we need to agree now not to hold anyone.
Cross – I don’t think they’re gonna touch each other.
Pere – ehh?
Cross – they’d charge but not touch each other.

Pere – Alex doesn’t know how to hold herself, there’s a thin line…
Kiddwaya – to war
Ike – may be under a high-stress situation, which means we need to put Ceec in charge of the next wager.
Pere – she’s in charge already.
Ike – now that Ceec is involved, Alex is laid back and relaxed, we need to let Ceec get more power in this wager.
Then when its time to model, we’d now say we need more models then Alex would have no option than to join in, that might cause friction.
Cross – and they are avoiding each other so…
Kiddwaya – another thing is alcohol
Ike – if we drink Thursday, Friday & Saturday, e go burst.
Cross – the problem is Alex doesn’t drink.
Kiddwaya – here’s the thing, we’re gonna find everyone’s weaknesses, and when there’s an opening to exploit that, we’ll exploit it.
Ike – Angel issa problem, she’s someone that can go from a 0 to 100
Kiddwaya – they can’t even trust themselves, they’re divided.

Pere – the dynamics of who likes who, we can look for those dynamics and exploit the element of jealousy.


The conversation continued, Pere suggested that they should look into those people that have ships and relationships in the house and exploit.

IKE replied saying he doesn’t know much about that, then Kidd said that he thinks the most genuine ship in the house at the moment is Pere’s relationship with Alex. Pere acted surprised to that statement but Kidd insisted that Alex likes him. He claimed not to be aware and dismissed that conversation.

Guys here is the plot in the house, what do you think? Do you think this conversation is going to change the dynamics of the game, do you think the guys involved in this conversation are going to Sabotage each other? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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