(video) Ceec & Ilebaye’s f!g.ht, double strikes loading for pulling hair and pushing Bbnaija all stars

Let’s talk about the fight that happened yesterday night after the Saturday party in bbnaija all stars house. This fight happened between Ceec and Ilebayet, it was long coming, on my other social media platform I did predict this fight.

A couple of days back, on Thursday to be precise, Ceec had seen Ilebaye in the bathroom with Cross naked, she cautioned Ilebaye and in the process, she called Ceec her babysitter. Ceec felt disrespected and wasn’t happy with the name-calling.

Fast forward to yesterday, Ilebaye was crying in the garden while having a conversation with Pere, she was talking about Doyin and how she wanted to talk to her, before the talk she wasn’t in talking terms with her. On the other side of the garden, we had Ceec, Doyin, Mercy, and Princess talking about Doyin and her relationship with Ilebaye.

Bbnaija all stars Ceec decided to go have a conversation with Ilebaye, when she approached her, the first thing Ilebaye said was bitch.  That got Ceec triggered and they started exchanging words, at some point Ilebay pulled Ceec’s wig, and when Doyin approach her she tried to choke her. It was a mad house, Biggie later called Ilebaye to the diary room. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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