Big brother titans: Khosi, Nana and Jenni O in a big F1ght in the house- Khosi Att@ckd Nana (Video)

There is fire on the mountain in the Big Brother Titans House. Few hours after the live nomination today, more than half of the housemates are up for possible evolution and some of them are feeling upset about it. Nana thinks that the reason why she and her partner Thabang are constantly up for eviction is the of fact that Thabang hangs with Khosi.

She was having this conversation in the Lounge with Thabang and Khosi could clearly hear them because she was having a conversation with Miracle. . Nana went on to tell Thabang to stay away from some certain people, obviously she was telling him to stay away from Khosi. This made Khosi upset and furious, she left that area went upstairs and called on Thabang to join her.

Thabang left the lounge and was about going upstairs to meet Khosi when Nana asked him not to go meet her. Miracle jokingly asked Nana to stop his partner from going upstairs, then Nana made a statement that triggered the fight.

Nana said she would make sure Khosi and her partner gets evicted from the house, that statement triggered Khosi, she came downstairs and held Nana by her jacket. Jenni O was seated close to Nana, seeing what Khosi did to Nana, made her flip, she reacted by trying to attack Khosi and a fight broke out.



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