Big brother titans: This week’s lineup is hot and A tough One, See the housemates Up for Possible Eviction(video)

Mondays in big brother titans house are for head of house games and nominations. This weeks head of house game was won by Royals( Tsatii and Ebubu). As usual, the housemates were made to nominate for possible eviction.

Below is the list of the nomination in each pair

YeLisa : JuOvla JenniLi

JuVonne: KanIva KhosiCle

ThabaNa : YeLisa MaYa

KanIva : KhosiCle ThabaNa

BlaqLeng : KhosiCle JuVonne

KhosiCle : JenniLi BlaqLeng

JenniLi : KhosiCle YeLisa

Joivla : Kanaiva Blaqleng

MaYa : JenniLi ThabAna

Royals: Yelisa Juviola

The head of houses used their veto power to save Blaqleng and replace them with Juvonne.

Watch the video below!!!


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